It's been a while since the website has got updates,

but now everything is new and up to date.

Much has happened since the last time.

so far in 2017 we have been to some dog show and the girls have not disappointed.

We start with the int.show in Kristiansand in March where Katie became 2 best bitch and took "big" CAC and was now ready for the Norwegian champion title all we had to do now was wait until 03.07 when she became 2 years old and then was old enough to take the champion title.

Then in June we went to Vejle in Denmark. It was again Katie who was in the ring.

Sophie joined to keep us company. It was not quite the results we had hopedfor but, with new and old friends and good memories, the trip was clearly worth it.

Then we were ready for the int.shoiw in Tvååker in Sweden in July. We knew we would meet hard competition, so when my white beauty won the open class and then became 2 best bitch with CAC and CACIB, I could not have been more happy and proud of my white beauty.

Thank you very much to Judge CARL GUNNAR STAFBERG for your kind words about our lovely girl.

Then we were ready for triple show in Råde 28.07-30.07 Katie stood for both the Norwegian and Swedish champion title. Sophie was also in the ring after a long break.

Katie became 3 best bitch and took the CAC and with that walked in her mother's footsteps and took champion title on her first try after the age of 2 years. Our first home breed champion, proud is just the first name of what I am over what this girl has done.

And the It was Sophie who was back in the ring and she was about to show everyone who she is and BOB but she wasn't done she then won the group and to finish the day she became Best In Show 4

Breed and group judge were Dagmar Klein and Best In Show judge were

Ma gorzata Wieremiejczyk

Thank you very much to the judges who thought so highly of my girls.

On saturday it was Emily's turn and this weekend was her first time in the ring this year. And she could not have done it better going Best of Breed with CAC for judge Svend Løvenkjær thank you very much for the kind words about our beautiful blue girl.

Then we were ready for the last day, Sophie and Katie were back in the ring.

Katie was tired and not very collaborative but it was good enough for 3 best bitch. Sophie is back and still kicking ass and goes Best of Breed and to end day she was Best Of Group 4.

So far, we have had a good year and we hope it will continue. We still have some show left in Norway and abroad so you see us in the ring.

Alice lives her happy days at home as a retiree and could not be more pleased with it.


2016 is over and it's time to sum up the year!


We've had some great adventures and experiences in 2016.


Our star of the year is our beautiful Katie (Classic Beauty A Beauty To Behold)

She has had some great wins and placements during 2016.

Katie made her debut in May and in her 7 months in the show ring she has been shown in 3 countries and a total of 14 shows.

In 9 of the shows she has been placed among the top 4. She has take BEST OF BREED and been shortlisted in the group.

She even got her first titles.


In November we went to Denmark and the Nordic and Danish winner show.

Katie rocked the ring and became Danish Junior Winner and to top it of she was 4 best bitch under judge Hans Boelaars.


In December, we went to Sweden and the Swedish Winner Show.

Katie flew through the ring and was best junior female and Swedish Junior Winner under judge Rade Dakic.


Katie have had a great year and she even got placed on the official club winner lists in the Norwegian Chinese Crested Club.


She was top 10 in total (male and female)

5 best bitch

2 best junior

1 best junior female

1 best junior powder puff


So proud of my beautiful girl, can't wait to see what 2017 hold for her.

But of course Katie was not the only one showed this year.

Emliy (Sunwind's Love De Luxe) was shown a couple of times this year and she did great at the at beginning of year and let's just leave it at that.


Alice (Ciruto's Alice In Wonderland) was only shown one time this year and that was at the Norwigen Winner Show. She did great and was BEST OF BREED VETERAN and Norwigen Veteran Winner 2016 and with that she is now retierd from the show ring.

Sophie (Sunstreaker Losing My Religion) came back to the ring in one way she had her debut in Junior handling with her handler Emma. They did awsome and was placed 2 in the young class. So proud of them both.

We hope 2017 will bring new adventures, a another great show year and maybe a few small surprises!